Peninsula is a documentary about surfing in Italy, it's history and it's present state. It portrays Italian surfing though the exploration of the Italian coastline and describes the passion and dedication of the people that make what the Italian surf scene is today.

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Fighting Fear

Mark Mathews is a surfer with dreams of being the best. Richie Vaculik dreams of becoming a MMA Cage-Fighting Champion. When adrenaline-seeking antics and partying turn sour, it sets off a dramatic series of events that threaten to derail both of their dreams.

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Alaska Sessions

Join an eclectic crew as they travel up the isolated Alaskan coastline on an old fishing boat in the dead of winter. It's cold, it's dark, and these guys aren't exactly pro-surfers, but in the words of one crew-member, "when your stoke is hot, you can endure a lot."

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Follow Indonesia's best surfers on an epic journey across the archipelago of dreams. The film showcases Indonesia's best surfers on Indonesia's best waves. Starring Garut Widiarta, Mega Semadhi, Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Tipi Jabrik, Pepen Hendrik and Rizal Tanjung just to name a few.

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The North Canyon - Nazaré Calling

In October 2011 Garrett McNamara returned to Portugal to explore the giant waves formed by the Nazaré Canyon. This is the story of two month leading up to an incredible ride, told by a group of people who helped to shine light on one of the biggest wave spots in the world.

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In 2012, a Fijian surfer the world had never heard of earned the chance to compete against the best surfers the world has ever seen. This is his story. At Cloudbreak, rated by many as the best wave in the World, local boatman and surf guide Isei Tokovou has won a wildcard entry into the Volcom Fiji Pro, surfing with hand-me-down boards and without a trainer or support team, Isei carries the hopes of a nation into competition.

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found is a film based on the discovery of 30,000 negatives found in 3 boxes at a flea market in Los Angeles, Ca. Doug Walker traveled for 3+ years re-uniting photographers as well as surfers with some of surfings best images ever captured. It is a film that truly comes from the heart as stories are told and captured in a way like no other surfing film.

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Under the Sun

Under the Sun is a 16mm documentary shot in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast and features incredible surfing from Dave Rastovich, Beau Young, Nat Young and a handful of others as it explores the roots of commercialism that are now so entrenched in surf culture.

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Gauchos Del Mar

One Dream. Two Brothers. One continent. Gauchos Del Mar follows the story of two brothers as they persue their dream of surfing the American Pacific showing the Continent as a whole, through its different cultures, villages, food, people, animals and landscapes while camping and surfing on their way back home to Argentina.

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Sight Sound

Surfing is supposed to be an individual act. It's supposed to illicit creativity and take place in a natural environment. It's supposed to have moments familiar and original. It's supposed to be both elegant and raw. The surfer and board do what they want. Let them be seen as they want to be seen let them be heard through only their motions. Let them surf in climates warm and cold, on waves big and small, on boards long and short, in countries near and far. Let the camera capture what it can. Let there be Sight Sound.

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The Big Swell

The Big Swell follows the life cycle of a massive winter swell from its birth in the heart of a violent storm in the North Pacific through to its death throes in the form of giant waves breaking at Mavericks.

The anticipation of the swells arrival provides a glimpse into the lives of this select group of people that make these massive winter waves their passion bordering on obsession.

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Award-winning filmmaker Cyrus Sutton set out on the trip of his dreams, a 60-day, 3000-mile journey into the heart of Mexico in search of freedom. Some of the best Pacific Ocean swells in recent memory provide backdrop to signature storytelling that explores the meaning of freedom.

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Last fall, Raincoast Conservation Foundation teamed up with filmmaker/Patagonia surf ambassador Chris Malloy to highlight all that's at stake if the Northern Gateway tar sands oil pipeline is built.

Groundswell, charts an extraordinary surf trip along British Columbia's unspoiled west coast with surfers acting as ambassadors for marine life.

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Thirty Thousand

In 2010 two surfers travel 30,000 kilometers down the west coast of Africa on a year long adventure in search of undiscovered waves.

Thirty Thousand: a surfing odyssey from Casablanca to Cape Town documents the beautiful portrayal of the wonderfully rich culture, untouched waves and the amazing people of Africa, and combines it all to tell a beautiful story of a surf journey.

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That First Glide

The first full length, feature film on the history and craze of SUP. The sport of Stand Up Paddle seems to have popped up out of nowhere. Some people like the exercise and weight loss aspects in flat water, others like to race, and the most extreme are taking the boards out into the waves. That First Glide is a must see movie for everyone and features most of the premier athletes that got the sport off the ground.

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Come Hell or High Water

Keith Malloy's debut film, Come Hell or High Water, shot primarily on 16mm focuses on the simplicity and beauty of bodysurfing. Keith explores the history and progression of the sport through its many unique characters. It's about taking a breath, and kicking your feet, in the big blue sea.

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